Foundation of modernity

Closing the building-gap in the Schlögelgasse marks the largest and most important milestone in the hotel’s architectural history. Apart from the visual improvement the new wing provides the hotel with a spacious garage, 61 rooms in various categories, a variety of seminar rooms and more besides.

Major expansion

The apartments together with the rose-garden terrace were opened in 2003. With their size, kitchenettes, steam-showers and luxurious furnishings they ushered in a new era in the Gollner history and laid the foundation for today’s long-term stay offers.

Return to its former glory

The 1960’s are not usually regarded as a period renowned for great architecture. Because of this, the facade was totally renewed, restoring and highlighting the original elements and embellishments.

Luxury is synonymous with Gollner

The re-opening on 21 September 1961 represented, without question, another stepping-stone, marking the birth of the Hotel Gollner. The functional hotel was transformed into a precious jewel with furnishings that were exclusive and luxurious for the time.

From coaching-inn to hotel

Take a look at this photo and you can easily imagine today’s building. This rebuild transformed the coaching-inn into the Hotel Schimmel. The prominent corner turret lent style to the facade and provided guests with extra space.

Coaching-inn for horse and rider

The first major renovation created the coaching-inn “Zum Schimmel” („Horse Inn“). The family’s ancestors decided on an innovative path and offered weary riders and coachmen the opportunity of staying the night alongside the coaching facilities. Without their innovative thinking, there would probably be no Hotel Gollner today

Park & Ride anno 1880

To this day the rearing horse on the roof-gable commemorates how our success-story began: as a coach house for riders, coachmen and their horses. Today one would describe the Gasthof Schimmel („The Horse Inn“) as a mix of filling-station, workshop and inn. Whilst on one’s business In Graz, one could rest assured that horse and coach were in safe hands.